The strategy is quite simple for the Lakers

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The Los Angeles Lakers play the Golden State Warriors tonight in what should be an exciting one for NBA fans. The Lakers finished their regular season on a high note, winning five games in a row. They recently got LeBron James back, and he’s looked good since his return. He’s moving quite well, and has been aggressive offensively. The Warriors have also won multiple games in a row to end their regular season and have been on a streak. They’ve won six games in a row.

When both of these teams meet tonight, for the Lakers the strategy is quite simple–limit Steph Curry at all costs. Curry is too good of a player to keep scoreless and he has been playing his best basketball of the season as of late. The final game of the season for the Warriors, Curry scored 46 points against the Grizzlies. He is very capable of scoring in bunches and can carry his team. The Lakers will have to hound him for the entire game and put pressure as much as possible. Picking him up full court can also be affective and tire him out. The Lakers cannot allow Curry to score 40-50 points in a game where he could eventually erupt offensively at and given time. Joran Poole is another Warrior that has been playing his best as of late also. The forward has improved his offensive game and can be problematic at times to guard.

The Lakers have versatility in their roster in which they can either go big, or they can go small with their lineups. Schroder will have to task to pester Curry as much as possible and try to get under his skin. Double-teaming Curry will likely come into play early in the game so that he can’t get into a rhythm. Expect KCP to help out when needed to try and get the ball out of Curry’s hands. Defensively, the Lakers finished at the top of the league when it came to overall defensive rating. So, there’s no question the Lakers can give Curry some problems and make it difficult for him to have a big offensive game. I expect the Lakers to use their size to tire out the Warriors, especially late in the game. LeBron James and Anthony Davis will have to be aggressive from the start, and they have to hit shots early. It should be a fun play-in as both teams want to secure the 7th seed and play the Phoenix Suns in the playoffs. The Lakers just have to try and neutralize Curry and make everyone else beat them.