Anthony Davis returns, but Lakers fall short

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The Lakers fell short to the Dallas Mavericks in yesterday’s game, but the big news was the return of Anthony Davis to the lineup. After suffering a calf injury that has sidelined him since Feb 14, the Lakers big man played his first game back. Davis was very rusty during his 17 minutes of play, but he seemed to move well on the floor and didn’t seem uncomfortable at all. His final stat line for the game was 4 points, 4 rebound and 1 assist. Those aren’t big numbers, but it was expected after having been out for a little over two months.

Davis’ teammates picked up the slack as Schroder, Drummond, Caldwell-Pope and Harrell all scored in double figures for the game. Caldwell-Pope was the leading scorer for the Lakers as he finished with 29 points. He seems to be coming back to his old self. Schroder also made a big impact as he got his teammates involved tallying 13 assists. Unfortunately for the Lakers, their defense slacked off from time-to-time enabling the Mavericks to get on multiple runs. Doncic was the catalyst for the Mavericks scoring 30 points, along with 9 rebounds and 8 assists.

For the Lakers, they had to once again adjust their starting lineup to accommodate Davis’ return. In essence, the role players who were asked to step up in his absence had to go back to the bench and chemistry had to be re-established. It won’t be long before Davis will return to being dominate with his shot and defense. It will take time for him to get his game legs back after some time off. LeBron James is slated to return in the next couple of weeks which will significantly boost the Lakers offense. When James returns, the Lakers will certainly be at the tail end of the regular season only giving the Lakers a short time to gel together once the postseason begins. With Davis back, the Lakers will need to hold firm at their current position in the Western Conference which is currently 5th. They can ill afford too many more losses as the Trailblazers and Mavericks are on their heels. At least the Lakers have a big piece of their puzzle back and are awaiting on another to make it complete.