Lakers schedule favors them early on

image via Orange County Register

The NBA released the full schedule for all teams yesterday, and the most anticipated was the Los Angeles Lakers. Looking at the first 20 games, the schedule seems to favor the Lakers and it looks like they could get off to a fast start. Here are the first 20 games as follows:

Oct 22 at Clippers Nov 13 vs Warriors
Oct 25 vs Jazz Nov 15 vs Kings
Oct 27 vs Hornets Nov 17 vs Hawks
Oct 29 vs Grizzlies Nov 19 vs Thunder
Nov 1 at Mavs Nov 22 at Thunder
Nov 3 at Spurs Nov 23 at Grizzlies
Nov 5 at Bulls Nov 25 at Spurs
Nov 8 vs Heat Nov 27 at Pelicans
Nov 10 vs Raptors Nov 29 vs Wizards
Nov 12 at SunsDec 1 vs Mavs
image via clutchpoints

Looking at the first 20 games, we have thought about the games and the Lakers realistically have a shot at going 15-5 out of the gate. The worst case scenario is the team going 13-7, which still isn’t so bad. All of this of course really depends on how quick the team can gel. With a lot of newcomers in the lineup such as Davis, Cousins, Green, Cook, and Bradley, it takes time to build chemistry. Hopefully it may not take as long since most of those guys have been in the league for some time. Injuries is also a factor as it is with every team. It’s something that everyone wants to avoid, but is part of sports. Health will be a huge factor this upcoming season.

If the Lakers can get out to that fast start, they maybe primed for a great season and a push into the post-season. We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but the excitement is there and opening night should be a great battle against the Clippers.