Spectrum SportsNet LA and LA Dodgers Host Student Athletes

July 9, 2017 – We’re in the city of Los Angeles on a hot summer day perfect for an LA Dodgers game. At least that’s what would appear to be the sole reasoning to direct our entire attention when hearing the words; Dodger Stadium, and with good reason.
Article by: Delmy Barillas
Dodger Stadium is home to LA’s beloved baseball team who is currently partaking in the All-Star festivities while holding on to a 61-29 record, the best in all of baseball and a run differential of +163, the single highest in National League history. 
With those record breaking numbers and the anticipation surrounding the  possibility of a seventh World Series title, it’s understandable why baseball is the sole focus of everybody’s attention.
But Spectrum SportsNet LA, the broadcasting home for the Dodgers
have trailblazed their way into establishing themselves as not only your one-stop shop for LA sports coverage, but also as a network who has taken initiative in making a difference within the communities of our city.  
Prior to Sunday afternoon’s match-up against the Kansas City Royals, SportsNet LA hosted a group of student-athletes from the Business of Success Beyond Sports (BOSS) organization, an integrated academic leadership program for middle school and high school boys from under-sourced Los Angeles communities. 
Students were invited to partake in the ultimate VIP experience giving them a behind-the-scenes look at the networks game day operations with SportsNet LA hosts, Kelli Tenant, Nomar Garciaparra and Orel Hershiser. 
The tour included an exclusive look at the Club Level Memorabilia Hall and a trip down to the field where students were able to observe former volleyball athlete, Tenant and former MLB player, Garciaparra in action.
For Garciaparra, being a part of the Spectrum family who have really committed to expanding their community relationships with the youth is essential.
“I think it’s great, that’s what it’s really about, reaching out to be able to utilize some of the resources to do that.”
Students were also treated to an unexpectant appearance by Dodger legend, Tommy Lasorda who without hesitation gave the students his best piece of advice on the secret to success.
“I can take your shirt, right? I can take your shoes. But can I take your education? No. Get a good education and listen to your parents.”
Former Dodger player, Hershiser, who is noticeably considered one of the many greats to grace the Dodger organization, was also among the broadscasters who dedicated their time in hopes to inspire the young students in their search to success. 


“Show up on time, work hard and have manners, I guarantee you, you’ll figure out a way, you’ll become successful.”

Hershiser decided to take it one step further and show these students first-hand what success has manifested for him in his life, a championship.
The year was 1988, where the World Series matched the Oakland Athletics against the Dodgers, with the Dodgers upsetting the favored Athletics to win the Series in five games bringing a World Series trophy to the city of LA, the last we’ve seen in our time.
Along with the Commissioner’s Trophy which can be seen within the Memorabilia Hall, the team and players are also presented with a championship ring. A ring that Hershiser surprised the students with as he passed it around the room allowing each and every one of them to try it on in hopes to motivating the kids and demonstrating that hard work pays off.
For these former athletes turned broadcasters, it’s not necessarily about having a ring or a trophy, it’s about working hard, setting goals and executing those goals. It’s about succeeding against all odds and it’s about inspiring others to push their own boundaries while defining their own versions of success.
SportsNet LA continue to pave the way in community relations and have no intention of slowing down. 


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