Luke Walton and Lamar Odom discuss potential coaching role with team

On Tuesday, Lamar Odom told TMZ he was interested in a coaching role with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Odom said that he discussed the opportunity with head coach Luke Walton who confirmed the conversation. Walton answered questions about Odom’s interest in a position on the Lakers coaching staff before Tuesday night’s game against the Portland trail Blazers.

Serena Winters of Lakers Nation posted a full transcript of his answers.

Walton and Odom were teammates from 2004 to 2011. It is certainly plausible that Walton would add Odom to his staff considering he has already hired former teammates and Laker coaches he has history with.

Of course, Odom’s substance abuse filled past is of concern. The most important thing for Odom to do is to get and remain healthy. However, if his troubles are in the past adding Odom to L.A.’s coaching staff may be a win-win. The Lakers would have another great basketball mind to help develop their young core, especially Julius Randle, and Odom would have a positive environment to keep him on the right track.

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