Lonzo Ball quiets haters with triple-double against the Celtics


After a lackluster performance in the Los Angeles Lakers’ Summer League opener, many were labeling Lonzo Ball a bust, and he responded to his critics with a triple-double in his second outing.

Lonzo Ball messed around and got a triple-double in the Lakers’ game 2 loss to the Boston Celtics in Summer League. His performance against Boston came on the heels of a five-point, five assists game against the Los Angeles Clippers a day before. After his poor shooting night and overall lackluster performance, many of his critics called him a bust. He silenced those critics, however, with a bounce-back triple-double stat line of 11 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists.

Anyone claiming that the Lakers made the wrong decision by drafting Ball was seriously suffering from prisoner of the moment syndrome. L.A. got exactly player they needed to pair alongside budding star Brandon Ingram and someone who will help them attract free agents to the Lakers in 2018.

Just like one bad game doesn’t prove Lonzo is a bust, one good game doesn’t automatically make him an all-star. But what his triple-double performance does prove is that he has the right set of skills to become an all-star and the best part of his game is a natural gift that’s already developed.  

Ball has one-of-a-kind court vision and precision passing, a skill set harder to find than prolific scoring. But he does have the ability to score the basketball which he proved Saturday night. He hasn’t shot it well from beyond the arc but he has the range to hit from deep and will only get better.

So Lonzo doubters can quiet down at least for now because Ball is already great at what he does best, and the rest of his game will continue to get better.

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