Lakers might have something special with Svi Mykhailiuk

Usually when you think of 2nd round picks, the talent level maybe not as high as those picked in the top 15 of the NBA draft. Lately, the Lakers scouting department have done an excellent job of looking at college players that may not get the attention that other ‘big name’ players get in college basketball. Svi Mykhailiuk of Kansas was known as a really good shooter, but didn’t exactly get the recognition on the big stage. Mykhailiuk was drafted in the 2nd round and was the 47th overall pick of the Los Angeles Lakers. Throughout the NBA summer league, Mykhailiuk immediately made some heads turn as he started knocking down shots on a consistent basis. Not only was Mykhailiuk knocking down shots, he was taking the ball to the rim and was making really good passes. He also wasn’t backing down on playing defense on bigger players, which was something Magic Johnson mentioned in an interview on ESPN during the summer league games.

Mykhailiuk has a very quick shot, which is hard for defenders to block because it gets out of his hands so quickly. Mykhailiuk shot 44% from the arc in college ball, and has almost replicated that with somewhat better talent in NBA summer league play. He’s also got good ball handling skills which should improve as he gets more acquainted with NBA play. The most Mykhailiuk has scored in summer league was 31 pts against the Cavs in a double overtime thriller.

If Mykhailiuk continues his path and plays defense he could find some minutes during the regular season. He’s going to have to earn those minutes since it could be hard with the current Lakers lineup. It does look like the Lakers have hit another home run with recent late draft picks.

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