Lakers get blown out and it wasn’t a good look

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Last night, the Lakers were blown out by the Oklahoma City Thunder 133-96. We were expecting the Lakers to come out and compete, which they did in the first quarter. The Lakers came out aggressive and had a very good start leading the game 8-0 in the first minutes. Then the Thunder started to go on a run and both teams were see-sawing back and forth. As soon as the 2nd quarter hit, it was down hill from there as the three OKC stars (Westbrook, George, Anthony) started to hit shots and their defense really bottled the Lakers up. The Lakers just couldn’t get anything going and their defense was disappointing to say the least. A lot of credit goes to OKC because they took the Lakers right out of their game and they couldn’t recover. The blow out summed up the recent Lakers slump which has now hit 8 games.

The Lakers also let OKC rookie Terrance Ferguson put on a show with 2 spectacular dunks and he finished the game with 24 pts in just 33 mins. It was not a good showing for the Lakers all around. The effort was lackluster, and for the first time this season it felt like the team actually quit when they were down double digits. The game was televised on ESPN and if they’re trying to recruit players to come join them in the off-season, they definitely have to put a better showing than they did last night. Especially around one player who’s been in rumors since he was traded from the Pacers to OKC. Does this mean that players won’t come here? Absolutely not. Money talks and the Lakers will have plenty of it coming this summer. Enough to possibly sign two max players, but the team definitely has to play better. They have to show that promise prior to this current 8-game skid. There is no doubt that the future is bright for the young Lakers despite their current struggles. They just have to find a way to win a game, take it one and a time and get the positivity back in the locker room.

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