Lakers create buzz with new uniforms

Yesterday, the Los Angeles Lakers officially unveiled their new uniforms for the 2018-2019 season. There were rumors of them mimicking the jerseys of the Showtime 80’s and they certainly look quite similar with a more modern twist. The lines throughout the collar and arms definitely have that retro feel to them. The Lakers stuck with the more modern font instead of using the 80’s ‘Lakers’ font. The numbers on the jersey now have subtle drop shadows, which they did in the 80’s. The one jersey that definitely stands out is the statement jersey (purple). It now has black panels on the sides of the jersey, but many fans on social media didn’t take too kindly of that. It did strike me a bit odd that they just didn’t go with an all purple jersey like the gold and white one. Seems like they wanted to blend a modern look to the retro feel.

When the Lakers store officially opened it’s doors, it was met with fans ready to buy and soak up the new uniforms. Owner Jeanie Buss even tweeted a picture of fans at the store buying up the gear. This is the first time the Lakers have altered their main jerseys since moving into Staples Center. With LeBron now playing for the Lakers, it was only fitting to change the jersey and start a new era with the look and feel with this current Lakers squad. Most fan reaction about the jerseys (mostly the gold and white) have been positive. I’m sure these new uniforms will fly off the shelves, and the new look Lakers will enjoy them even more.

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