Why everyone should be patient with Lonzo Ball

If you haven’t noticed lately, the media and fans have a love/hate relationship with Lonzo Ball. Ever since college, Ball has been under the microscope. Some of that is garnered by his outspoken father LaVar Ball, who’s been giving his son praise at the highest level. There was enormous hype surrounding the young point guard coming into the league, and rightfully so since he was a top 3 pick. But there also comes the negativity and criticism from the media and fans if he doesn’t become “the guy” quickly.

What people need to understand is that Lonzo Ball is still just a kid trying to find his way into the NBA. Sure, his Laker running mate and fellow rookie Kyle Kuzma has certainly impressed those around the league with his stellar shooting and mature-like approach to the game while Ball has been struggling to make shots. Kuzma is not a point guard and doesn’t have to run a team like Ball does. The point guard position is the hardest position in the NBA and asking a 20-yr old rookie to run the team, play defense, make shots and guard athletes like Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, Steph Curry, Kyrie Irving, Damien Lillard, etc on a nightly basis is asking for a lot.  These guys will go at Ball, but that’s how he’ll learn to be competitive in the NBA. It wont’ be easy, and Ball will have a lot of downs in his rookie season but it will ultimately make him a better player down the road.

Ball has already racked up two triple-doubles this season which is extremely impressive. It shows you that when the kid is on his game, he can pose a problem for the opposition. He’s only getting started and people just need to be patient with him and his game. He’s already shown his innate passing abilities, and excellent rebounding skills (averaging 7.1 rpg). Believe it or not Ball has also been solid defensively. There’s no question that he has the skills to be a very good NBA player or even better in the future. Ball will always garner criticism whether he does good or bad in a game. But let’s all just wait for him to mature as an NBA player and see what heights he can achieve.

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