Bright Future For Randle

The Lakers 7th pick has high expectations. Randle is the Lakers highest top 10 lottery pick since James Worthy in 1982, who was selected number one overall. Randle didn’t play in the teams first summer league game, and didn’t know if he would play in the tournament. Randle didn’t sign his contract until hours before the second summer league game.

After watching this 19 year old play, Laker fans have something to be excited about. Randle has excellent ball handling capabilities and quickness. He can put big and tall defenders at a stand still and can go around them. He can post up small big men with his size. His ability to get to the basket is uncanny and the quickness for his size something that can truly benefit his game. He can also grab boards and is relentless. The characteristics he has in his game reminds us of James Worthy, who had a similar way of playing. Worthy could also post up, use his quickness to get to the basket, and was a good rebounder and defender.

Randle will get to learn from Kobe Bryant who has had a stellar career. His guidance will definitely help Julius down the road. Carlos Boozer, who is a new Laker addition, has been around the league as well and is a seasoned veteran at the power forward position. Randle will be set up with all the tools needed to have a great career in the NBA. Of course, he’s got to work hard and earn it. There’s no doubt that the Lakers picked up a gem in Randle. We’ll wait and see how his career grows with the Lakers.