Brandon Ingram says his workout mentality has “totally changed” thanks to team trainers


Los Angeles Lakers forward Brandon Ingram has worked hard to get stronger this offseason and credits the team trainers for his progress.

In one Summer League game Brandon Ingram gave the Lakers and fans a glimpse of what’s to come for him this season. Not only did he put on an absolute show scoring 26 points before he was shut down by Magic Johnson, but he also looked visibly bigger and stronger.

Ingram will never be a bulky player; that’s not his body type. But he can continue to get stronger, which he said he’s been focusing on this summer.

In a BiPro blog post, Ingram spoke about his offseason workout routine.

“I’m in the weight room more this summer than I have been in the past. My mentality has totally changed,” Ingram said. “My new coaches have really helped a lot with my weightlifting. It’s the same routine for me every single day now.”  

Ingram credits the Lakers trainers for the workout routine that’s helped him gain strength. The 19-year-old notes that his workouts primarily focus on his lower body and include such exercises as deadlifts, weighted carries, weighted lunges and weighted step-ups.

Ingram goes on to talk about the importance of building his lower body strength.

“I have a way stronger base than I did this time last year. Now I’m able to better take hits on the court and get to my spots,” Ingram said. “I know I have to get stronger, so I’m working to gain strength so I can both take bumps on the court and of course deliver them.”

Ingram showed flashes of all-star potential last season and why he has the highest ceiling of L.A.’s young core. One of the parts of his game that was clear he needed to work on, however, was his ability to absorb contact and finish at the rim. Ingram’s workout routine shows his awareness of the weak parts of his game and that he’s committed to improving in those areas.

Strength is more than muscle so it won’t matter that Ingram will never truly bulk up. The important thing is that he just get bulkier. If he continues to focus on the strength-training that will make his explosiveness even more so, than the LakeShow is in for a treat this season.

Ingram already proved he is poised for a breakout second year in the NBA, and the work he’s putting in this offseason all but ensure it.  

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