Jul 12, 2014

Focus on the Post-Kobe era for the Lakers

It's no secret that every great dynasty must come to an end. The arrival of Kobe in Los Angeles signified the start of something special, as a 17-yr old kid from Philadelphia grew up to be one of the greatest to ever play the game. Kobe has amassed 5 NBA championships, multiple All-Star game appearances, won awards, and the list goes on. As his storied career is coming close to an end, the Lakers know that they have to start thinking about the future.

The Lakers got off to a great start of getting younger and acquiring 7th pick Julius Randle in the 2014 NBA Draft. Randle led the Kentucky Wildcats to the NCAA championship game against UCONN, which they ultimately lost. Most experts projected him to be in the top 5, but fell to the Lakers lap. He's expected to contribute and be a main key for the future. Lakers also drafted athletic guard Jordan Clarkson from Missouri. Then, the Lakers went big and tried to impress free agent Carmelo Anthony. The Lakers were a long shot to get Anthony, but they were in contention as Anthony was impressed by the Lakers pitch and plans. After the LeBron James decision, all the dominoes started to fall and word got out that the Lakers may not have a chance to get Anthony. With the trade of Jeremy Lin to the Lakers along with a 1st round pick, and the re-signing of Nick Young and Jordan Hill, that signified that the Lakers were no longer in the hunt for Carmelo Anthony. Gasol might also be on the move to Chicago with a possible sign and trade.

What the Lakers are doing is getting younger, short term contracts, while acquiring assests and draft picks. This might not appease Kobe, but the Lakers will try again in the 2015/2016 free agency market where Kevin Love, Keven Durant, and Russell Westbrook will be available. Its always the objective for the Lakers to compete every year, but its also about bringing in the big stars which they'll ultimately do down the road.

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