Mar 7, 2014

Lakers endure worst loss in franchise history to the Clippers

In a game where the two LA teams meet, one was thoroughly embarrassed, while the other one looked like a championship caliber team. The Lakers suffered the worst loss in franchise history, losing to the Clippers 142-94. The game was over at halftime.

The Lakers did play well in the first quarter, but afterwards it all just seemed like a bad dream. The Clippers simply out played and out hustled the Lakers. It was like the Lakers just couldn't stop the bleeding no matter how had they tried. This is one of those season that all Laker fans want to forget. All the injuries, different lineup changes has led up to what you see out on the court. The only hope is that the Lakers get healthy in the off-season, pick up a good draft pick and try to get some key free agents during this summer or the next. Meanwhile, the Clippers are a very good team and could legitimately compete for an NBA title.

While the Lakers glory days are all but over, they do have the track record of getting back into the swing of things. It wont happen soon, but they always find a way to be contenders.

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