Dec 20, 2013

How will the Lakers do with another Kobe injury?

Its news that all Lakers fans didn't want to hear. Kobe is out with another injury. This time, Kobe was diagnosed with a fracture of the lateral tibial plateau. He suffered the injury in the game against the Grizzlies on Tuesday, Dec 17. Kobe is expected to be out at least 6 weeks. Its a rather devastating blow to not only the Lakers, but to Kobe himself who has worked vigorously to get back on the court after suffering a torn Achilles. The question now is how will the Lakers do without their superstar on the court for possibly the next month to month and a half?

Well, the Lakers did do something. They signed free agent guard Kendall Marshall out of the University of North Carolina. The Lakers didn't really have many options, as they are depleted in point guards. Farmar, Blake and Nash are still all out. Farmar is expected to be back in about a week or two. Marshall was drafted by the Phoenix Suns, then traded to the Wizards. Shortly after, the Wizards waived the guard and Marshall has been playing in the D-League with the Delaware 87ers where he's been averaging 19pts, 9ast.

The Lakers were doing okay without Kobe, but Kobe is still the leader of the team and his ability to close out games is what the Lakers have been missing. It will put a lot of onus on Gasol once again to score. The Lakers are still capable of winning games, but defense has been an issue. With not much interior defense it's going to be a tough road ahead. When the guards come back (Farmar,Blake,Nash) it should make the Lakers a little better due to the fact that they will have ball handlers and guys who can initiate the offense. Health is a key factor for any team, but recently for the Lakers, it seems its a reoccurring theme. Hopefully, everyone on the team can be healthy and the Lakers can make some sort of a run this season.

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