Jul 10, 2013

Farmar agrees to sign with Lakers

Laker fans should be familiar with Jordan Farmar. After all, he did win two NBA championships with the Los Angeles Lakers. The veteran who's been playing overseas has decided to come back home to LA where it all started. The guard has agreed on a 1-yr deal at the veterans minimum which is about $1 million. The Lakers must negotiate a buyout from Farmar's basketball Turkish club first before anything can happen. This would be a welcomed addition to the Lakers since the team has lacked speed and shooting for a couple of years. 

"I've been a Laker ever since I was born," Farmar said. "I grew up a Laker fan, so regardless of where I am or who I'm playing for, or what I'm doing in life, I'm always going to stay connected to what's going on here (in LA)."

"I missed my family, I missed being home and, ultimately, I missed being a Laker." - Farmar

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