Feb 13, 2013

Lakers win against the Suns 91-85

The Lakers returned home after a long 7-game road trip. Some home cooking definitely helped. The Lakers started out strong  and played well throughout most of the game until the 4th, where all season, they have had problems maintaining leads. Bryant only had 4pts in the game, which is very rare. He came back to facilitator mode. Howard had a monster double-double with 19pts, and 18rbs. He should be able to get those kinds of number on a nightly basis. Clark also contributed with a double-double and Metta played solid. Many may not think it, but the Lakers are progressing in a positive direction. All they need to do now is play with effort throughout the entire game. Once they learn to do that, they can reel off some wins.

With only 29 games remaining in the regular season, the Lakers have to go on a serious run. Most likey, they would have to win at least 18-20 games in order for them to make the playoffs. Can they do it? Yes, but it's going to have to be a team effort and guys are going to have to sacrifice for the benefit of the team. On Thursday, the Lakers take on the other residents at Staples Center- the LA Clippers. The Clippers have been playing well again, now that Chris Paul is back from injury. It should be another epic matchup in the battle of LA.

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