Jan 31, 2013

Lakers slowing down the pace

In the past 4 games, the Lakers have not allowed their opponents to score over 100pts. How could this be? Well, the Lakes have started to slow down the pace on offense. Before, the Lakers were trying to speed it up. Problem is, this Lakers team the way it's constructed, is not meant to be a fast break kind of team. This  is a half-court team because of the two bigs the Lakers have in their arsenal. D'Antoni was brought in to run his fast paced offense, but the team has learned that slowing down the pace is better fitted and its working.

The Lakers defense is slowly improving. This is happening because the ball is being shared. When players get the ball, they are happy and that translates to energy. The energy on the defensive end has picked up because of this. Lakers still have a long way to go, but its been a process in this roller coaster of a season.

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