Jan 17, 2013

Lakers fall to the Heat 99-90

It was a good test for the Lakers coming into tonight's game. Unfortunately, for the Lakers turning the ball over was something they couldn't overcome. The defending champs came into Staples Center and beat the Lakers who won two straight games. In a season that has already been a whirlwind for the Lakers, they just couldn't stop the dominance of LeBron James.

The Lakers did have some great moments and played hard throughout the game. It wasn't a blowout by any means. For the Lakers, losses are something that they can't afford. Turnovers have been a problem all season, and so has the defense. In the past couple of games, the Lakers have not allowed opponents over 100 points. So, there are signs that the Lakers are starting to tighten it up on defense, but they're going to have to get it together, because time is not on their side.

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