Jan 29, 2013

Kobe the passer?

The emergence of Kobe Bryant as a facilitator has completely changed his game. Is this a new Kobe Bryant that we are seeing? It could be, but Bryant is a scorer and has been his whole career. Kobe has been climbing the assistant ladder the past two games. After their abysmal recent road trip, the Lakers have found a way to play with each other. Could it have been the players only meeting? Maybe something was said that sparked the players on this team? Whatever it was, it has worked to a degree.

Guys seem to be more tuned in, and are sacrificing their game for the benefit of the team. Bryant's efficiency has gone up in almost every category. It's been a role reversal for Bryant and Nash. Kobe seems to enjoy the role of getting his teammates involved. Will Kobe, being an assist machine last forever? Probably not, but it's fun to see Kobe dishing out the ball just like Lakers legend Magic Johnson did in the Showtime era.

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