• Lakers Avoid 11th Straight Loss As Bryant explodes for 38 points
  • Lakers Tie Franchise Record With 10 Consecutive Losses
  • Shaquille O’Neal To Be Immortalized
  • Lakers On Pace to Set Worst Record In Franchise History
  • 81 Point Game: Ten Years Later
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Lakers Avoid 11th Straight Loss As Bryant explodes for 38 points

It was a night were the Lakers wanted to avoid a dreaded 11-game losing streak which would set a franchise record. None of the players wanted that, especially their leader Kobe Bryant. Last night, Bryant made sure the Lakers would not lose and would stop the losing streak. Bryant exploded for 38 points on the way to a Lakers victory over the Timberwolves. Randle, Williams, Clarkson, and Russell all had…

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Lakers Tie Franchise Record With 10 Consecutive Losses

When you thought things couldn’t get any worse, last night the Lakers lost to the Hornets 101-82 which resulted in their 10th straight loss. The Hornets are exactly a contender in the East with a record of 23-25, but the Lakers just didn’t have it. They looked lethargic from the start and just couldn’t recover. The loss marked the Lakers 10th consecutive loss tying a franchise record. It’s not exactly a…

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Shaquille O’Neal To Be Immortalized

Shaquille O’Neal must have a big smile on his face after learning that he will be immortalized with his own statue outside Staples Center during the 2016-2017 season. O’Neal will join Laker legends Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Jerry West, Kareem-Abdul Jabbar, and Chick Hearn as the only Laker legends to have a statue. After Shaq, we can be sure that Kobe Bryant will be next. Shaquille is arguably one of the…

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Lakers On Pace to Set Worst Record In Franchise History

There’s no question that the Lakers aren’t a very good team. In fact, they’re at the bottom at almost every category in the NBA. Last season, the Lakers had an overall record of 21-61 which was their worst in franchise history since being in Los Angeles. It was understandable last season since the team was riddled with a tremendous amount of injuries with players that most people haven’t heard of….

10 years ago Kobe Bryant scored 81 points against the Toronto Raptors. 

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81 Point Game: Ten Years Later

January 22nd. That’s a day many Lakers, basketball, and spots fans will always remember as the day they’ve witnessed one of the greatest individual performances. 10 years ago the Lakers faced the Toronto Raptors in what seemed to be your ordinary regular season game, Little that we knew that we would be  witnessing history that night. Lakers would trail that game by 18 at the half with Kobe leading the…

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Lakers are playing tougher, but still can’t get over the hump

Thirty eight games into the season and the Lakers have actually looked a lot better. They’re still losing games, but they seem to have found some chemistry. The past two games, the Lakers have played their opponent tough. They had an awful start against the Kings in Sacramento this past Thursday, but they battled all the way back from a 27 point deficit. It seemed like the Lakers were dead…

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Rock Bottom?

As Kobe played his final game in Philadelphia where it all started, the Lakers ended up losing to a team that was 0-18 coming into the game. The Sixers were trying to avoid an NBA record 19 straight losses. Before the game started, Kobe Bryant was hailed with cheers and a unbelieveable introduction by the Sixers announcer as well as a tribute video. Kobe was booed for years by the…

Can the Lakers hand the Warriors their first loss of the season?- Pic via Vavel.com

Can the Lakers stop the Warriors From History?

  The Lakers are 2-11 and seems like things are just a complete mess. A team who looked as if they could contend for a playoff spot on paper now find themselves in a downward spiral and things don’t look to get any better.  Of the next 11 games, 10 of them will be on the road with one of them coming up tomorrow against none other than the undefeated…

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Los Angeles Lakers vs. Toronto Raptors

The following is a guest post by Anne Cohen: This evening I’m fortunate enough to get the opportunity to write “The Scoop” on one of my favourite Lakers websites, “LAKERFANATICS.” Tonight the Lakers are teaming up against the Toronto Raptors. The Raptors are hoping to break their 3 game losing streak, playing against these awesome Lakers at the Staples Center tonight. Good luck to the Raptors, because they’re gonna need…

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Lakers not only losing games, but could be losing potential future free agents

  Last season was a disaster for the Lakers due to multiple injuries. This year there were higher expectations. New signings and new young talent were supposed to right the ship. Instead, the Lakers have accumulated a record of 1-8 (currently standing). The only win was against a Brooklyn Nets team (currently 1-8) that have struggled mightily as well. The Lakers highest pick in recent memory hasn’t gone off to a…

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Lakers Off to a Lackluster Start But Some Bright Spots Shine Through

Eight games into the regular season, the Lakers’ 1-7 record has earned them a shared spot with the New Orleans Pelicans in the cellar of the Western Conference and Laker fans find themselves longing for the halcyon days of training camp when anything was possible. Ahh, the blissful innocence of the pre-season, where hope springs eternal. Laker fans, hungering for the team to rejoin the ranks of the NBA elite, had visions of…


The end of an era could be coming to a close

Even one of the best basketball players to ever play the game is susceptible to old age. As Kobe Bryant embarked on his 20th NBA season, it’s apparent that fans around the league are embracing on what could be his final season. It all started when the Lakers played the Nets at the Barclays Center. We know there is always strong presence of Lakers fans in New York, but this time…

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Can the Lakers fix this mess?

The Lakers have started their ’15-’16 campaign with an 0-3 start. Not exactly what the Lakers and it’s fans had in mind. They are also two losses away from replicating the start they had last season. What has caused the Lakers to fall to such a bad start? It’s a lot of factors and just like last season, the defense has been one of the main culprits. The Lakers have…