• Can the Lakers stop the Warriors From History?
  • Los Angeles Lakers vs. Toronto Raptors
  • Lakers not only losing games, but could be losing potential future free agents
  • Lakers Off to a Lackluster Start But Some Bright Spots Shine Through
  • The end of an era could be coming to a close
Can the Lakers hand the Warriors their first loss of the season?- Pic via Vavel.com

Can the Lakers stop the Warriors From History?

  The Lakers are 2-11 and seems like things are just a complete mess. A team who looked as if they could contend for a playoff spot on paper now find themselves in a downward spiral and things don’t look to get any better.  Of the next 11 games, 10 of them will be on the road with one of them coming up tomorrow against none other than the undefeated…

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Los Angeles Lakers vs. Toronto Raptors

The following is a guest post by Anne Cohen: This evening I’m fortunate enough to get the opportunity to write “The Scoop” on one of my favourite Lakers websites, “LAKERFANATICS.” Tonight the Lakers are teaming up against the Toronto Raptors. The Raptors are hoping to break their 3 game losing streak, playing against these awesome Lakers at the Staples Center tonight. Good luck to the Raptors, because they’re gonna need…

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Lakers not only losing games, but could be losing potential future free agents

  Last season was a disaster for the Lakers due to multiple injuries. This year there were higher expectations. New signings and new young talent were supposed to right the ship. Instead, the Lakers have accumulated a record of 1-8 (currently standing). The only win was against a Brooklyn Nets team (currently 1-8) that have struggled mightily as well. The Lakers highest pick in recent memory hasn’t gone off to a…

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Lakers Off to a Lackluster Start But Some Bright Spots Shine Through

Eight games into the regular season, the Lakers’ 1-7 record has earned them a shared spot with the New Orleans Pelicans in the cellar of the Western Conference and Laker fans find themselves longing for the halcyon days of training camp when anything was possible. Ahh, the blissful innocence of the pre-season, where hope springs eternal. Laker fans, hungering for the team to rejoin the ranks of the NBA elite, had visions of…


The end of an era could be coming to a close

Even one of the best basketball players to ever play the game is susceptible to old age. As Kobe Bryant embarked on his 20th NBA season, it’s apparent that fans around the league are embracing on what could be his final season. It all started when the Lakers played the Nets at the Barclays Center. We know there is always strong presence of Lakers fans in New York, but this time…

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Can the Lakers fix this mess?

The Lakers have started their ’15-’16 campaign with an 0-3 start. Not exactly what the Lakers and it’s fans had in mind. They are also two losses away from replicating the start they had last season. What has caused the Lakers to fall to such a bad start? It’s a lot of factors and just like last season, the defense has been one of the main culprits. The Lakers have…

Taking advantage of an easy two months could set the tone for the Lakers- Photo via Vavel.com

Favorable Early Schedule Could Set The Tone For The Lakers

  Another NBA is finally here. Many things interesting will unfold this season as teams will begin their quest towards an NBA Championship. For the Lakers their goal is no different from years past, but the last few seasons have been nothing but disappointment which resulted in the team finishing towards the bottom of the western conference. This year the Lakers added some key players(Trading for Roy Hibbert and signing…


A Lot of Love For Lamar

Devastating news came on Tuesday when news site TMZ reported that Lamar Odom was found unconscious in Las Vegas and was rushed to a hospital. That night the Lakers were playing a preseason game against the Kings at the MGM Arena. Several Lakers got word on what happened to Lamar that night as they were preparing to play. Amongst them was childhood friend Metta World Peace and former teammate Kobe Bryant….

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Randle starting to show his potential

After being out for a full season and having somewhat of a mediocre summer league, Julius Randle had a lot to prove. Being a top ten draft pick is no easy task and the hype is hard to live up to. Coming into this season, we really didn’t know what to expect from Randle. Was he going to be the player that warranted the number seven pick? Or was he…


A Few Thoughts on D’Angelo Russell’s Offensive Performance in the Lakers Preseason Opener.

The Lakers opened up their preseason play this Sunday night with a loss to the Utah Jazz. Really though, nobody was particularly focused on the score line. Instead, the biggest story of the night was simply the chance to see this new Lakers roster in action for the first time. There was Kobe, Randle, and Clarkson — enough to make a Lakers fan feel Christmas in October. The player I…


Lakers Pre-Season: What To Watch For

Pre-Season is here! After what seemed like a long off-season, we are finally going to see Lakers basketball in action. There’s plenty of excitement for this Lakers team with the team drafting D’Angelo Russell, The rise of Jordan Clarkson, Key off-season acquisitions, and how can we forget about the return of Kobe Bryant. There has been tons of speculation about what we can expect from this team and starting tonight…


Pump the Brakes on Durant to LA Rumors

Earlier today, Stephen A. Smith reported that Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant is eyeing the Los Angeles Lakers in Free Agency, next summer. Here’s what Smith had to say: “Regardless of how senseless it may (sound), in one breath I’m hearing that if Kevin Durant doesn’t stay in Oklahoma City, L.A. is his primary objective and landing spot as opposed to South Beach or even his home of Washington,…

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How Huertas can make a difference

  Huertas was officially signed by the Los Angeles Lakers on Sept 9, 2015. The Brazilian last played for FC Barcelona before joining the Lakers. He’s also got experience playing for the Brazilian national team.  Huertas is a good shooter with range from all around the floor. He has good quickness and court vision. How will his game translate in the  NBA level? Well, that remains to be seen, but his…


Lakers and Metta World Peace possible reunion

  Could the Lakers and Metta World Peace be reuniting? Apparently it’s looking that way now. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo sports, the Lakers are close to a one year deal with Metta World Peace. Word of this came out a month ago but it remained to be seen how serious the Lakers were at doing that, we likely have the answer to that right coming up. Summer of…